President Barack Obama has been near a Chevrolet Volt before, but he's never had the chance to have a proper drive of one. That changed recently when a Volt-driving friend came to the White House for a visit and let Obama take it for a spin on the grounds.

It became the source of a "secret" the president revealed to Jay Leno last week on The Tonight Show. Secret Service agents didn't like it very much, and made sure the gates were shut tight so that the president couldn't race down the streets of Washington "That was my big joy ride. Three times around the South Lawn driveway," Obama joked with Leno. "It was wild." You can watch the exchange below.

Conservative pundits likely have taken jabs at Obama's relationship with the car. Earlier this year, they were joking around that the Volt would replace Joe Biden as Obama's running mate. The Chevy Volt seems to represent all they find repulsive, especially the federal bailout of General Motors under the Obama administration, and the president's support for green technology such as the Volt's plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Mitt Romney didn't bring up the Volt during the debates – Tesla and Fisker were the main targets. Another Republican candidate might have good things to say about the joyride.

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