The latest video installment of Jay Leno's Garage takes a look at a convertible 1968 Chevy Camaro. Actually, two 1968 Camaros on the same, but different, chassis. It's an RS/ SS hybrid of sorts that's both fully-restored stock and modified at the same time.

It may sound like something cooked up just in time for Halloween, but, in fact, it was built by State Farm Insurance to educate agents about the myriad ways classic cars can be restored.

The driver's side of the Camaro is stock 1968 Camaro RS except for the clearcoat paint. The rear wheel is the stock 1968 hubcap and whitewall, while the front is the optional redline tire and rally wheel. Passengers, however, get to travel in what the car would look like as a heavily modded SS with bright red paint, shaved door handles, a spoiler, oversized custom wheels and side pipes.

Looking at each side individually, the two wouldn't seem odd at all. From the front or back, though, you'd swear someone just couldn't make up their mind. The whole car is split down the middle, beginning with an RS grille on the right with hidden headlights and exposed lights and half an SS badge on the left. The hood is split between the standard flat RS hood and a louvered Super Sport lid. The divide continues over the cloth top and onto the rear deck lid where half an SS spoiler sits. The engine is split with aluminum heads on one side, cast iron on the other. The SS side also has tubular control arms, nitrous, big brakes and a carbon-fiber wheelhouse.

A single, split-personality Camaro is easier for State Farm to transport than two Camaros, says State Farm's Earl Hyser (who built the original side). He says the car would probably run, but they've never tried because keeping it empty of fluids allows them to take it into any building.

The "cross-dressing Camaro" as Leno calls it, will be on display at this year's SEMA. Check out the video below.

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