Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has proved its worth as more than just your average web series. Jerry Seinfeld acts almost as an ambassador to the comedy world, bringing us along to spend a few hours with the likes of funnymen that include Larry David, Ricky Gervais, and Alec Baldwin. With cars like a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, Mercedes-Benz 280 SL and Austin Healey 3000, the mode of transport to said coffee is always old and always awesome. The season finale of CiCGC proves to be the most interesting episode yet, as Jerry is joined by his Seinfeld co-star of nine years, Michael Richards, a.k.a. Kramer.

The two set off for java in a 1962 Volkswagen Double Cab, and everything seems normal. Kra – pardon us, Richards shows Jerry sites such as the partially crumbling Getty Villa, and then things take a turn for the strange.

A graphic pops up early on in the clip, informing us that "Certain scenes from this episode seem like they were set up. They were not." That is in reference to a pair of occurrences in the short that were both absurd and serendipitous. We won't spoil it for you.

Also making this video worth watching is the fact that these two professionals who shared a workplace for nearly a decade spent time pondering over the methods they used when they were at their peak. Additionally, Richards offers up an explanation for the incident at the Laugh Factory that appeared both genuine and eloquent. Yeah, it is one of the more downright interesting videos you'll watch all week. Watch it below.

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