Audi creates custom A4 slot car track [w/video]

Audi recently whipped up an interesting piece of advertising in Toronto's Royal Bank Plaza. Partnering with Slot Mods USA, the German manufacturer created a handmade slot car track, complete with a set of scale Audi A4 models. Slot Mods USA employed some pretty interesting tech to create the cars. Using an industrial laser scanner, the company built a digital outline of the sedan before sending it off to a 3D printer to create the bodyshells. Slot Mods USA then sourced an all-wheel-drive slot car chassis from a separate company.

Given how much emphasis Audi puts on traction, the cars were built with special magnets to keep them planted on the track, and each racer was built with a mini camera that can feed images to an iPad wirelessly. Drivers control each car via an iPad app, and the camera feed gives operators an idea of what it's like to drive on the scale creation. Check out a few videos of the track below.

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