When it comes to rear-drive, V8 performance sedans, few do it like HSV. Australia's Holden Special Vehicles makes a high-horsepower hoon-happy saloon called GTS (known elsewhere as the Vauxhall VXR8) based on the Holden Commodore. With General Motors LS V8 power under the bonnet, the GTS makes us pine for the days of the Pontiac G8 GXP and hopeful for the outlook of the forthcoming Chevrolet SS.

Despite tough economic times, HSV is thriving, and to commemorate 25 years of this official Holden tuning partner, it has released this new 25th Anniversary GTS. The special edition comes equipped with the same 435-horsepower LS3 found in the standard GTS, but adds 20-inch forged alloy wheels with Satin Graphite finish. The 25th Anniversary GTS also receives unique 'Vector' hood scoops and side vents for better breathing and a bit more visual intimidation.

The anniversary model also comes with all of the standard kit found in the GTS, including magnetic ride control suspension, navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, blind-spot monitoring, and a bi-mode exhaust. The GTS also comes with an Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) system. Much like that found in the Nissan GT-R, EDI is an advanced performance data recorder that provides the driver with information on lap times, G-forces, power and torque.

Interestingly enough, this GTS is also available with optional Liquid Propane Injection to curb running costs. As the name suggests, this system injects liquid propane under certain driving situations. The ECU can switch seamlessly between propane and conventional gasoline, going to full-gas under hard acceleration.

No word on pricing, but production numbers have been limited to 140 vehicles; 125 in Australia, and 15 in New Zealand.
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25th Anniversary GTS

Exhilarating performance is built into every HSV with the 25th Anniversary GTS powered by a 325kW 6.2 litre, LS3, generation 4 alloy V8 engine. An all-new, light-weight 20" forged alloy wheel in Satin Graphite delivers stunning street appeal and is complemented by distinctive Vector hood scoops and side vents, while technology is further enhanced with the fitment of Side Blind Zone Alert which helps detect and alert the driver to objects adjacent to the vehicle in the traditional "blind spot" zones.

The build of HSV's 25th Anniversary GTS is limited to just 140 vehicles (125 Australia and 15 New Zealand) with each individually numbered to ensure your exclusivity.

The interior is not merely about looks and style, the HSV Interior range has been designed around total driver ergonomics. Ergonomics that put the driver instinctively in control.

-Satellite Navigation
-Tyre Pressure Monitors
-USB Input and MP3 Hard Drive
-Unique 25th Anniversary treatment
-HSV Oracle Instrument Cluster
-Dual Zone Climate Control
-Rear Park Assist

Touch Screen Audio
The screen centre control allows you to control everything from the audio, climate and HSV's EDI.

Enhanced Bluetooth©
Fully integrated so keeping in touch has never been easier while on the move.


Unique Styling
From day one, our mission at HSV has been to build Australia's finest performance cars. Every year, for the past 25, we have refined and evolved on what has gone before. And now, we present the newest HSV flag bearer – our 25th Anniversary GTS.

-Vector hood scoops and side vents
-Unique Satin Graphite Treatment
-Magnetic Ride Control with Performance/Track Modes
-Daytime Running Lamps
-All new light weight 20" forged alloy wheels in Satin Graphite
-6 Piston Brake Package
-Hi-flow intermediate with Bi-Modal exhaust
-Superflow Rear Spoiler
-Rear Park Assist with Reverse camera

This all new light weight 20" forged wheel is not only great to look at but it also delivers a weight saving in excess of 22kg over the standard GTS wheel set, reducing unsprung weight by an impressive 8%.

LED Tail Lights
Featuring twin-intercepting LED rings and inbuilt reflex reflectors, these tail lights deliver maximum presence in all driving conditions.


Enhanced Driver Interface
EDI is the centre piece of E3. Never before has the driving enthusiast been able to engage with their vehicle on this level. EDI connects with the on-board computer to constantly stream real-time vehicle dynamics and performance data to the touch screen display.

With the touch of your finger EDI will allow you to display real time performance data such as vehicle G-forces, Power & Torque, and Lap-times. You can also access your vehicle settings including the Bi-Modal exhaust and SBZA system. If this is not enough, the real enthusiast can even download their track day data and analyse their performance using the MOTEC i2 software provided.
Click here to experience EDi

Competition Mode
-Competition Mode ESC is specifically designed to give the driver more freedom under 'spirited' driving conditions.

Launch Control
-Launch Control (*Manual only) will provide the vehicle with the ability to accelerate from standstill at its maximum potential. See it in action

-Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) allows ride stiffness to be adjusted through electric currents.

6 Piston Brakes
-6-Piston Brakes in SV Enhanced yellow with unique wheel accenting (incl. full size spare), provide a 50% increase in pad area as well as revised ABS, TCS and ESC calibrations.

Side Blind Zone Alert
-The Side Blind Zone Alert system extends driver vision, using ultrasonic waves to detect objects in adjacent lanes

Bi-Modal Exhaust
-Bi-Modal exhaust to keep noise low when you're cruising and to go louder when you want to make an audible statement.

-You will be exhilarated from the moment you turn on the ignition and hear the LS3 V8 come to life.

Extended Cruise
-Once cruise has been activated ECC is automatically enabled and will maintain the set speed even when driving on a decline.

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