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Report: Holden tallies $210M loss, blames Pontiac

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP – Click above for a high-res image gallery

Sydney 2007: Holden Commodore Sportwagon and HSV Maloo break cover again

Automakers go to great lengths preventing images and details of new cars being released prior to their official debut, but sometimes, well... often, they still fail. Holden is the latest automaker to suffer this fate, with images of its new VE Commodore wagon and high-performance HSV Maloo ute being leaked for the second time ahead of their debut at next week's Sydney Auto Show.

It's official! Pontiac to get RWD platform, likely in G8

Perhaps riding a contact high from all the heady presentations at the NAIAS, GM product Czar Bob Lutz let fly that the Holden Commodore SS will be coming to the US as a Pontiac. Lutz went on to say that the car will be known as the G8, and that GM is looking at an official amount of "a lot." In this case, a lot adds up to about 30,000 per year, with reserve capacity in case they nail it with price and features, and demand is high.

Holden Commodore will come to the States

We import excitement! That just might be the most appropriate new slogan for Pontiac. It's about time they listened to enthusiasts and brought over GM's best from overseas. Although the Monaro-based GTO hasn't been a huge sales success for the division, it's not for lack of performance. The GTO is a real kick to drive and makes wonderful noise with its Corvette-sourced powerplant. Solstice sales are moving at a pretty good clip thanks in no small part to the solid Opel platform the Pontiac roads

Aussie boys borrow grandma's ride, hit the road

A pair of young Australian brothers who were apparently over eager to see their grandfather decided to clandestinely borrow their grandmother's red Holden Commodore on Sunday and set out to find him. The two boys drove around 60 miles, none of which would be news if the boys weren't ages 10 and six.