Just a little word of advice: if a friend needs your help to back up while trying to park, it would probably be wise not to stand behind her while she does so. Such is the lesson we learn from today's frightening dash cam video.

As the driver of this Renault Sandero Stepway has problems navigating a tight parking area, her passenger gets out in an attempt to help out. She helps out alright – as a human buffer.

It seems as though the driver unknowingly left her car in reverse and then got startled by the results. So what did our driving-challenged motorist do after the initial impact that nearly killed her friend? She finally figures out how to put her car in drive and takes off.

Not only is this woman one of the worst drivers ever, she will definitely be up for "Worst Friend of the Year" award for leaving her seemingly injured passenger behind.

Scroll down to watch the video, and if this is your friend's car... might we suggest taking the bus?

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