Paparazzi crash while chasing Justin Bieber's chrome Fisker Karma

It makes a lot of sense for Fisker Automotive to hook up with Hollywood celebrities like Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio to promote its expensive, slick, and environmentally conscious Karma plug-in hybrid sports car. It can be especially cool to see Bieber driving by in his chromed-out Karma, which he received from his manager as an 18th birthday gift, originally un-chromed. The problem is that paparazzi – and anyone with working eyes – can spot him incredibly easily. Below, you can see a video of what it's like to follow this chromed-out Karma.

A crazy thing happened Friday afternoon when two paparazzi crashed into each other thanks to Bieber's chrome plug-in car. Law enforcement sources told celebrity gossip site TMZ that a California Highway Patrol officer saw Bieber driving down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, with a Nissan driving "aggressively close behind." The officer pulled over Bieber for driving with tinted windows, figuring that the Nissan would probably stop too. It did.

Turns out, the driver of the Nissan works in Justin Bieber's security detail. As the CHP officer was getting all of it figured out, several paparazzi roared up to the scene. They were going fast and wild enough that two of them, in separate cars, apparently lost control, hit each other and jumped up on the curb. No one was cited by police, as far as TMZ knows. But it's yet another case of this particular Karma getting caught up in legal issues.

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