How to stay in the news:
  1. Be an insanely popular pop singer.
  2. Get an insanely noticeable plug-in hybrid car, the Fisker Karma.
  3. Chrome it.
  4. Get chased by paparazzi going over 100 miles per hour, then get pulled over and get a speeding ticket.
These are all steps that Justin Bieber has managed to accomplish. Now, he's added a fifth: have the paparazzo be the first charged under California's new anti-paparazzi law, which makes it a crime to "create a dangerous situation while in pursuit of a celebrity for profit," writes the Toronto Sun.

State prosecutors filed four charges against paparazzo Paul Raef, who chased Bieber "in a careless, reckless fashion," (in the words of Los Angeles councilman Dennis Zine). Raef is pleading "not guilty" even though Bieber identified him to the police. His lawyer said Raef was just like any other reporter and is thus protected by the First Amendment. The arraignment takes place August 24. If convicted, Raef could spend a year in jail and need to pay a $3,500 fime.

You can see the TMZ video of the original situation below.

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Fisker Karma

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