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Carmakers assign engineers to be in charge of developing bespoke camouflage for each new model.


Can-Am has added another pair of stars to its advertising push for the three-wheeled Spyder motorcycle. After showing former NHL star Mark Messier guaranteeing a number of things (playing on his guarantee of winning a crucial game in the Stanley Cup playoffs in 1994), the company has hired IndyCar and NASCAR star Danica Patrick, and model/television personality Brooke Burke to talk about the Can-Am Spyder's talents as a paparazzi escape vehicle.


It makes a lot of sense for Fisker Automotive to hook up with Hollywood celebrities like Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio to promote its expensive, slick, and environmentally conscious Karma plug-in hybrid sports car. It can be especially cool to see Bieber driving by in his chromed-out Karma, which he received from his manager as an 18th birthday gift, originally un-chromed. The problem is that paparazzi – and anyone with working eyes – can spot him incredibly easily. Below, you


If you don't want to be hounded by men and women lugging cameras, perhaps it's best not to drive around in an extremely conspicuous-in-chrome Fisker Karma sporting a strip of purple LED lights under the grille. It's kinda hard to miss...

It is well known that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a very public change of heart when it comes to seeking out a greener lifestyle. Heck, he's gone from owning the very first civilian AM General HMMWV to talking up green environmental initiatives and start-ups like Tesla. He's even taken delivery of one of the company's Roadsters.

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/celebrity/Britney_Spears_umbrella_attack_Ford_Explorer_for_sale'; Remember when bald-headed Britney Spears went bananas and attacked a paparazzo's SUV with a green umbrella? An armada of Martian flying saucers landing in Central Park's Sheep Meadow would have gotten less media attention. In any case, the owner either needs cash badly or simply came to the realization that in this celeb-addled society, there might be some sucker fan willing to pony up good money