The UK division of Renault is promoting the Twizy two-seat electric vehicle with a new, six-minute video and is pitching its customization possibilities by making it available in designs that include the Union Jack.

The video, which hypes Twizy's style quotient by showing its female "driver" checking out Italian leather sofas and a semi-hipster dude cruising through the streets of Ibiza, Spain, calls the Twizy "the missing link between the scooter and the car," and is, as the narrator says, "compact enough to make a Smart ForTwo mad with envy."

Renault UK highlights characteristics such as its single-charge range of up to 75 miles and its ability to be fully recharged in less than four hours.

Renault, according to a report by Technologic Vehicles, is aiming to expand sales of the Twizy to Turkey, Israel, Japan and Singapore as well as South America after selling about 6,500 vehicles throughout Europe. The French automaker began selling the Twizy EV in France in March and expanded to the UK the following month. You can watch the test drive below.

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