Next 911 GT3 caught on video with PDK transmission

There's been debate about whether the 2013 Porsche 911 GT3 will come with a manual transmission or PDK only. Inside Line has said that only one transmission will come to market, and the 911's product chief, August Achleitner, told IL that both transmissions were being tested but that it looked like the PDK would get the nod. Few outside Porsche testing facilities know what the answer final is, but thanks to some spy video, we now know what a PDK-equipped GT3 would sound like.

Other speculation surrounding the everyday racer says that it will be 150 to 200 pounds lighter than the preceding generation, and that its engine has been moved forward a bit to improve handling. Power output is expected to be around 480 horsepower, leaving room for the GT3 RS to hit the 500-hp mark. Check out the video below for the sights and sounds – and note what looks like a Gurney flap on the prototype's unique rear wing.

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