Jaguar shacks up with singer Lana Del Rey to promote F-Type [w/videos]

The last time Jaguar launched a really important new coupe, it launched its "Gorgeous" campaign to help sell it. The marquee television spot had a spare musical arrangement and actor Willem Dafoe narrating a montage of obscenely chic lifestyle scenes washed in cool tones. As a luxury proposition, it was certainly a gorgeous commercial.

For the launch of the much-anticipated F-Type, Jaguar is reportedly turning to Lana Del Rey. For those unfamiliar, she's the indie songstress with the retro-glamour style, sultry voice and tracks like "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" to have made her name. And very pouty lips.

If they do what we think they're going to do, you can check out the videos below for a preview. Start the two videos below at the same time, but play the "Gorgeous" commercial on mute while listening to del Rey's "Video Games." VoilĂ . Now who among the luxury obsessed glossy magazine folk doesn't want an F-Type?

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