The 2012 Targa Adelaide started off with some excitement this year. The competition opens with a prologue stage on city streets where fans can come to watch their favorite racers slide their machines toward the flying finish. This year featured a new modern class, and a couple of competitors got a bit closer than they intended. Two Nissan GT-R racers bunched up coming into a tight hairpin. One driver went wide while the other opted for a tighter line, resulting in some unnecessary contact that saw car 997 on the raw end of a pit maneuver.

Neither vehicle saw substantial damage, and both went on to continue competing throughout the rest of the event. Still, a couple of bruised egos are a bad way to start any targa rally.

The Targa Adelaide is one leg of the Australian Targa Championship, and runs from August 22 through the 26th. Check out the video below for the GT-R shenanigans as well as a few clips from the opening night.

Nissan GT-R Information

Nissan GT-R

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