Autonomous car support subject of political attack ad

It's election time and auto bailouts are not the only thing politicians are talking about. Down in Florida, one group has connected a candidate's support for automated car testing to, well, nothing. And that makes him evil.

The Committee to Protect Florida has taken Rep. Jeff Brandes (R-Fla.) to task for proving automated cars did not operate by "witchcraft" instead of working on other things in the St. Petersburg area. The commercial attempts to instill fear in the program and make it sound like these machines are running amok on Florida's streets. (Note the sound effects at the end of the video.)

The attack ad features a Toyota Prius running a stop sign and nearly hitting an older woman using a walker as the narrator goes on about how silly these newfangled machines might be. Then the commercial flashes the question, "Will Driverless cars REALLY stop for pedestrians?"

Maybe. And if they don't, everyone should blame Jeff Brandes.

Scroll down to watch the 30-second spot.

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