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NHTSA wants your opinion on driverless cars with no steering wheels

General Motors has requested a waiver for self-driving vehicles

General Motors has requested a waiver for self-driving vehicles.

Waymo gets California OK to test self-driving cars with no backup driver

It's an expansion of driverless tests company has been doing in Arizona

It's an expansion of driverless tests company has been doing in Arizona.

Researcher wears car-seat disguise to study autonomous driving

Here's a question: how does a self-driving car reveal its intentions to you without an audio cue?

Baidu, 30 other Chinese companies working on self-driving in Silicon Valley

The goal: Get cars on the road in China - then conquer the United States.

Their goal: Get those vehicles on the roads in China, the world's biggest auto market - then conquer the United States.

GM will build and test autonomous Bolt EVs in metro Detroit

The driverless Bolts will start rolling out of Orion Assembly in early 2017.

GM's testing plans aren't a shock, but the good news for Orion Assembly is.

Michigan legalizes sales of driverless car, clears path for AI ride-hailing services

No brake pedal? No steering wheel? No problem!

Michigan's government is setting the trend for autonomous vehicle legislation with progressive new legislation.

The Army's autonomous golf carts will transport wounded soldiers and improve driverless combat

The carts will be fully autonomous by late 2017 or early 2018.

Combat-wounded soldiers won't miss doctor's appointments and the Army learns more about driverless vehicles.

NHTSA: 'No one incident will derail' autonomous vehicles

Mark Rosekind didn't explicitly mention the death of Joshua Brown in his speech.

"If we wait for perfect, we'll be waiting for a very, very long time."

Want a black box in your autonomous car? Germany does

The recording devices would monitor when driverless systems are active, when a human takes over, and when the computers call for human intervention.

Volvo to go autonomous only when 'it's not really fun to drive'

The company reiterated its plans to accept liability for its autonomous products.

Volvo's CEO believes that drivers still want to drive. That's a sentiment we can really get behind.

US Army to test autonomous vehicle tech on Michigan roads

Uncle Sam is taking baby steps compared to full-scale automakers.

The Army's four-unit convoy will operate on I-69 and use short-range communications to transmit data between vehicles and a series of road-side sensors.

Driverless Tesla turns heads in traffic

Using Tesla's much talked about autopilot feature to play pranks on the unsuspecting is a growing trend.

BMW i wants to build the ultimate self-driving machine

EV brand changes its mission amid struggles, leadership departures.

BMW head of research and design Klaus Froehlich is pushing the i sub-brand in a different direction, embracing autonomous vehicles alongside EVs.

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China is becoming a hotbed for autonomous vehicle technology

Government support, congestion, pollution, and a less-attached attitude to the car is driving China in the pursuit of the driverless vehicle.

Kia will launch a fully autonomous car by 2030

Drive Wise Sub-Brand Focuses On The Future

Kia will launch the Drive Wise sub-brand at CES as a way to market its advanced assistance features going forward. The company's ultimate goal is to produce a fully autonomous vehicle by 2030.

Ford beefs up autonomous car testing fleet

New "Puck" Cuts Sensor Requirement From Four To Two Per Vehicle

Ford is set to triple the size of its autonomous vehicle fleet and fit its newest vehicle with a next-generation sensor system.

Mary Barra thinks GM is a leader in autonomous tech

GM CEO Mary Barra spoke about autonomous tech in a wide-ranging interview, mentioning Cadillac's Super Cruise as well as "confidential" efforts.

Toyota aims to build autonomous car around 2020 [w/videos]

Toyota believes that it can make human inputs largely unnecessary from highway drives in vehicles by 2020. To prove what the company can do, the Lexus GS Highway Teammate concept shows the tech in action right now.

Why motion sickness will be a bigger issue with self-driving cars

A newly released study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute finds that around 10 percent of people riding in an autonomous car might experience motion sickness, if they aren't paying attention to the road.

Mercedes-Benz concept car takes driverless vehicles into the future

A new Mercedes-Benz concept car is looking to give Google a driverless run for their money.

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