Lexus' annual Golden Opportunity Sales Event is in effect, and an additional bit of golden yellow to go along with it this year is the Unleash the LFA sweepstakes. The deal is simple: you log onto your Facebook page, check out the Lexus Facebook page, submit your personal details to enter the contest and then spread the link to your Facebook friends.

Having done that, you'll be entered for the chance to unleash the LFA yourself. If you win, you'll be flown to the Skip Barber Racing School in Salinas, California for some personal training from ex IndyCar and NASCAR driver and reigning Grand-Am champion Scott Pruett, behind the wheel of an LFA. The contest ends August 21, and of course the odds are long, but since you'll be on Facebook anyway... and, come on, have you heard the LFA? If you need a reminder, you'll find one in the video below.

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