Too often, discussions about how best for people to get around crowded urban environments turn into an argument, with cars pitted against bicycles, highways versus public transit and improving commute times challenging pedestrian safety. But not in Austin.

In this latest episode of Translogic, our sister publication looks at how the Texas capital has embraced multimodal transportation, choosing "all of the above" rather than picking any one idea on which to hang its transportation strategy. With as rapidly as the city and surrounding region has been growing – now boasting some 1.2 million residents – the need for forward-thinking transportation planning is acute.

From wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks to bike lanes, car sharing to public charging stations and light rail, Austin seemingly has it all. The city isn't sitting still, either, promoting such ideas as bike lockers in office buildings with shower facilities to encourage two-wheel commuting, and getting ready to launch a bike sharing program next year. Federal money to develop a high-speed bus system will further enhance Austin's transportation alternatives.

Scroll down to watch the full Translogic episode and see what they're doing to Keep Austin Weird... and green. TRANSLOGIC 108: Austin Transportation Infrastructure

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