College student drives off cliff while texting prophetic message

Texting while driving is a horrible, horrible idea. This is not news. And as unfortunate as this story may be, we have to admit, it's a little ironic.

Chance Bothe, a 21-year-old college student from Texas, drove his pickup truck off of a bridge, over a cliff and down into a deep ravine. But the last text he sent before the accident occurred is where the bit of irony – and nearly tragic foreshadowing – comes into focus.

"I need to quit texting because I could die in a car accident."

Thankfully, Bothe did not die as a result of this crash, though he suffered a broken neck, crushed face, fractured skull and traumatic brain injuries. After six months of recovery and rehab, Bothe is about 80-percent back to normal.

Scroll down to watch a video detailing the story, in which Bothe talks to KHOU-TV on his last day of rehab.

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