Its surprising enough when a pebble kicks up off the road and nicks the windshield. This, on the other hand, will give you nightmares.

A dash-cam video captured in – where else – Russia reveals just how frightening hazards of the road can be, when a car crash resulted in debris flying over the highway median barrier, slamming into the front of an oncoming Volkswagen Golf Plus. The mother and young child that were both in the VW escaped without injury.

This incident was not unlike the incident we reported on last year, in which a woman was recording video while driving when the truck in front of her kicked up a 2x4 off the road. Like this occurance, no one in the vehicle was hurt.

We've seen plenty of wild videos out of Russia, and its not just because so many inexplicable occurances take place out there. Because of the high number of groups attempting insurance fraud by inducing a collision, many Russians have turned to dash cams to make sure they have proof when things actually do go wrong.

Scroll down to watch the terrifying video for yourself.

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