Video: Driver of shocking road debris accident interviewed by NBC's Today Show

Wendy Cobb NBC Today Show interview – Click above to watch video after the jump

The driver who very nearly filmed her own death has been interviewed by NBC's Today Show after video of her shocking road debris accident went viral. Wendy Cobb of Shelby, North Carolina was driving on April 1 when the accident happened.

Cobb says she was using her cameraphone to film two trucks who were holding up traffic so she could report the incident. As Cobb turned her phone toward the road in front of her, the truck and trailer in front of her kicked up a 2x4 lying in the road that shattered the windshield of her Kia Sedona minivan and very nearly impaled her. Luckily, Ms. Cobb's children weren't with her when the accident happened, or the results may have been far more tragic. According Cobb, the only injury she received was a tiny glass cut. Damage to her car was limited to the hood and windshield.

Cobb says she hasn't watched the video since the day of the accident, but has received plenty of emails from people who still think it was an April Fool's prank – check out the video after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Adam!

[Source: NBC]

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