The idea of a world without the Nürburgring seems unconscionable. Not only has it provided generations of exciting races, but it has become the measuring stick for performance credibility. While 'Ring times aren't 'official' we still pay close attention to them. Cadillac even uses those unofficial times in its advertising.

Unfortunately, things are looking bleak in the land of Nordschleife, and the track is heavily in debt. However, relief may come from an unlikely source as F1 boss and potential megalomaniac Bernie Ecclestone has vowed to "do what he can" to keep the historic track on the F1 schedule. Ecclestone has said that he will waive the usual race sanctioning fee for F1 to come to the 'Ring in 2013.

As a refresher, race organizers at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas will have to fork over $25 million for F1 to show up, so this could be huge for the 'Ring. The uncharacteristically generous Ecclestone said that he would "bear all costs, but also claim all revenues."

The Green Hell has apparently fallen under hard times and could use Berine's help. After building a roller coaster and mall on the property, the track is heavily in debt. The European Union, which has the problem of ailing economies on its hands, has said that it will not bail out the 'Ring. It may have to be partially or completely sold in order to cover the private investment made for the aforementioned off-track projects.

According to a track official, there is only a small window to put this deal together. Let's hope the most unlikely of saviors, Ecclestone, can save the 'Ring.

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