Watch this well-told simple story of a BMW 3 Series owner

It's the stories that make cars great. Without stories, memories, or unrequited longing, any particular car or truck would just be a bunch of steel and plastic riding on some tires. The BMW E30 is a car that probably inspired an order of magnitude more stories than it ever spurred buyers. That's not because the quintessential 1980s 3 Series was uninspiring, rather the opposite. For every person able to cough up the money for a 325, there were dozens with pockets too empty to take ownership of this aspirational European standard-setter.

David Duran was one such aspirational kid in 1987 when his BMW 325 was built, not even yet old enough to drive. He bided his time, though, and in 1992, at the tender age of 18, he managed to purchase this '87 325i, which he's held onto for the last 20 years. Cars I See has given David's story the full-on video storytelling treatment. It may be one guy talking about his car, but it's compelling viewing for gearheads all the same. Check it out.

Cars I See - 1987 BMW 325i from Frazer Spowart on Vimeo.

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