Autocar finds pure joy behind the wheel of Morgan Three-Wheeler

Curious what it would be like to pilot a Morgan 3 Wheeler? You're not alone. We've had just one encounter with the crazy contraption that involved actual driving, but we've been smitten with the machine ever since laying eyes on it at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

As you may be aware, the Morgan 3 Wheeler is headed to the United States, but it's sure to be available in very limited quantities, and it'll be pretty pricey for what amounts to a grown-up toy. All of that means most of us will never have the pleasure of strapping ourselves behind the mini windscreens and hitting the road in a 3 Wheeler.

Good news, then, that the blokes and blokettes from Britain's Autocar magazine have produced the video you'll see below. You'll get a good sense of what it's like to experience the Morgan 3 Wheeler from the video, and you'll also see just how difficult it is to actually capture audio and video from the driver's seat of this open-air runabout.

So, join us in watching the video – and in pondering why Morgan feels the need to paste fake bullet holes on all the 3 Wheeler's we've seen so far – by scrolling down below. As is said in the clip, "If you don't understand what the appeal is, then you don't get cars."

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