Maserati developing exhaust-note simulation system for upcoming diesels

If you watched 2011's The Dilemma and thought there's no way automakers would actually pipe artificial engine notes into their cars, think again. Several companies have been developing exhaust-note simulation systems, particularly for electric cars – be it for the sake of enjoyment or safety. But EVs aren't the only cars that will benefit from engine notes reproduced through speaker systems: so will some high-end performance machinery.

When BMW switched its M5 performance sedan from a V10 to a twin-turbo V8, it lost some of the exhaust note for which the model had become known, so it devised a system to pipe engine sounds into the cabin for the benefit of those inside. Now Maserati may be following a similar path.

A new report from What Car? indicates that Maserati is working on ways to simulate exhaust notes on its forthcoming models. Now if you're thinking that Maserati's engines – particularly the V8 developed and built for it by sister-company Ferrari – don't need any help in that department, well, you're right. But soon the Trident marque will be offering diesel engines as well.

The oil-burners are being developed for two new models of the current Quattroporte (pictured above) – one bigger than the current model and one smaller – and probably for the production version of the upcoming Kubang SUV (which will arrive wearing a different name). While the high-revving eight-cylinder gasoline versions may not require any aural stimulation, the diesel versions just might, and Maserati's boffins may just have the answer.

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