Edmunds has taken a closer look at which vehicles are most heavily favored by the federal government by evaluating percentage of model sales in 2011. Not surprisingly the Chevrolet Caprice topped off the list with a whopping 79.2 percent of sales going to government agencies, while the out-to-pasture Ford Crown Victoria took second with 57.2 percent of total sales. But that's pretty much where the predictability comes to a close. The Chevrolet Express van takes a distant third with 10.7 percent. Like the Ram Dakota, which came in fifth at 9.2 percent, we imagine that has more to do with the number of civilian models sold each year rather than any great number of government service vehicles on the road.

Other notable models include the Ford E-Series in seventh place, the Ford Expedition in eighth and the Dodge Grand Caravan in ninth. Even the old Chevrolet Impala made the cut with 5.3 percent of its sales heading off to government duty. That's good enough to nab the machine 10th place. Head over to Edmunds to have a look at the full list.

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