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Ford recalling Transit models to fix driveshaft coupling, plus 2 smaller recalls

Ford making another interim fix as it awaits parts for permanent solution

Ford will bring more than 50 tricked-out vehicles to SEMA: Here's a preview

It previews the wild and sometimes weird world of SEMA customization

2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch: We rustle up some photos and details

Ford is also upgrading the Platinum model of its hot-selling three-row SUV

Ford Edge ST and other Ford SUVs get the custom treatment for SEMA Show

A mix of on- and off-road takes on Ford SUVs

A mix of on- and off-road takes on Ford SUVs.

2019 Ford Expedition and Explorer treated to four special editions

Luxury and appearance add-ons aplenty for these SUVs

Luxury and appearance add-ons aplenty for these SUVs.

These are the vehicles that owners keep the longest

One sportscar and a whole bunch of sport utility vehicles

On average, owners keep their cars for a little over seven years. Some vehicles, though, stick with their original owners a whole lot longer than that.

Florida man attacks SUV with his bare hands

Road rage at its weirdest

Road rage at its weirdest.

Auto sales winners and losers of April 2018

A rugged American success and a techy Japanese disappointment

We take a close look at the sales numbers and pick out the biggest successes and disappointments of April 2018. Here are the highlights and lowlights.

Quick Spin
2018 Ford Expedition Platinum Drivers' Notes Review | Right to the top

A massive leap forward in nearly every aspect

The 2018 Ford Expedition is the fourth generation of Ford's full-size SUV offering. It replaced a model that traced its roots to the early 2000s, though it received several heavy refreshes along the way. When it first debuted, the SUV was just kicking off. Full-sized models like the Expedition, Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon ruled the roost. It would be a few years before high gas prices shifted customers into smaller, more efficient crossovers. Ford let the Expedition saunter along while the Tahoe,

Ford recalls 350,000 trucks, SUVs for transmission issue

The vehicles could roll when put into park

Ford is issuing two separate safety recalls to fix mechanical issues affecting control of the transmissions on certain 2017 and 2018 models. The automaker says it's aware of one reported accident with an injury related to the the first and largest recall.

Hot-selling Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator get production boost

$25 million more invested to crank out the full-size SUVs in high demand

A $25 million investment adds to $900 million already announced to meet demand for the hot-selling full-size SUVs.

These are our favorite large utility vehicles of 2018 (for now)

We'll keep this list updated as we keep driving new models.

If you have a large family, lots of cargo to haul, or big stuff to tow, you might need a fullsize SUV. These are our favorite large utility vehicles.

NHTSA considers adding 1.4 million vehicles to Ford transmission recall

Automatic transmissions shift unexpectedly to first gear

F-150s, Navigators, Expeditions and Mustangs are affected.

2018 Ford Expedition vs other big SUVs: How it compares on paper

2018 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Armada

We threw in the Chevy Traverse too, because, well, it's enormous.

First Drive
2018 Ford Expedition First Drive Review | Front of the class

For too long, the Expedition hasn’t been a contender. That ends today.

If you can find a better fullsize SUV, buy it.

Cadillac Escalade gets $5,000 discount to ward off Lincoln Navigator

Pre-emptive maneuvering in a lucrative segment.

The 2018 Navigator starts at $72,055, compared to $73,995 for the Escalade.

2018 Ford Expedition has best-in-class fuel economy

The EcoBoost is finally living up to its name.

Thanks to a new engine, transmission and aluminum bodywork.

2018 Ford Expedition | Autoblog Minute

This is the first re-design for the Ford Expedition SUV in 20 years.

Deep Dive
2018 Ford Expedition backseat is the place to be

A quiet, comfortable, spacious update after 20 years.

Most Expedition shoppers want a family-oriented SUV.

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