Watch a manhole cover send a Land Rover airborne in Russia

We love action movies as much as the next guy, but sometimes the car stunts just look too ridiculous. Like when a cop car goes airborne during a chase scene after rear-ending a parked car. Or how about when a vehicle flips end over end upon impact. That never happens, right?

Well it apparently does in Russia, where, thanks to seemingly everyone in the country having a dash cam, you can watch video of a Land Rover Freelander 2 driving over a manhole cover and going Bourne Ultimatum.

What caused the cover to blow the way it did is not evident, though it's interesting to note that in the aftermath (in the second video especially), you see that it's not a plain, flat manhole cover that comes to rest near the car. It's a cylindrical object with a square grate across the top. Lending credence to the whole thing not being a fake is that a second static security camera (or similar setup) pointed at the street also caught the whole episode.

Scroll down to watch the bizarre incident unfold.

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