Remember that Ferrari Enzo that is still sitting in a Dubai police impound lot for " reasons that have never been clear"? It was meant to be auctioned this week, but it wasn't, and the Dubai authorities added some information to the Enzo's backstory that boils down one word: Interpol.

Unpaid traffic fines are thought to have lead to a British businessman abandoning the seven-figure Ferrari almost two years ago. After numerous reports of the Enzo being headed to auction – which lead to numerous calls from big spenders trying to buy it outright, Dubai police said the Prancing Horse is on the notice list at the International Criminal Police Organization. Vehicles flagged by Interpol are said to usually be the subject of theft investigations, and according to Emirates 24|7, the police commander says the Enzo and nine other flashy rides were "seized as they were part of thefts."

That means that the next time you see pictures of the mummified Ferrari, you'll know why it's still there and not up for auction. And seeing how long international criminal cases can take to resolve, you'll know why it's probably going to be there for a while.

Ferrari Enzo Information

Ferrari Enzo

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