Based on the cars that usually feature in the videos we get from Dubai, we can't really call the tale of this Ferrari Enzo that outrageous. Pictures of the dusty stallion have been zooming around the Internet while the real thing sat in a police impound lot for reasons that have never been clear – rumors ranged from it being hot goods in transit to China, to a casualty of the authorities for having been caught doing insane speeds on the Emirates Road.

According to a story in the Daily Mail, the truth is a bit more prosaic: the owner was a British businessman who couldn't pay traffic fines and who knows what else almost two years ago, so he abandoned the limited-edition thoroughbred to its fate. The police are going to send it to auction with 128 other vehicles, 23 of which are other luxury vehicles that were each burdened with fines anywhere from $26,761 to $27,225.

Most of the auction fodder was owned by companies; only 18 were individually owned. The auction is expected to be the biggest Dubai has ever held, but folks who bid on the Enzo should read the terms carefully: we can't see anyone abandoning million-dollar car for a $27,000 fine, so there's likely another payout lurking somewhere in order to take ownership. In addition to the cleaning bill.

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