We had a feeling this was coming. The otherworldly curvy sheetmetal of the Nissan Juke has always seemed so far off the map as to appear more French than Japanese. After all, Gallic designers have a long history of creating bold and polarizing forms. So it comes as little surprise that AutoExpress is reporting that Nissan will let its corporate siblings at Renault borrow the fun-to-drive Juke crossover for a model of their own.
At least in the UK, the unnamed model will replace the slow-selling Koleos CUV. AutoExpress has worked up some renderings, and notably, they swap out the Juke's unusual front lighting for something a bit more traditional and more along the lines of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Captur showcar.

Earlier speculation had the Captur coming to market riding atop Renault's closely related Clio architecture, but if this new report is accurate, Renault probably won't have to invest as much to bring the vehicle to market. Check out the full renderings at the link below, and sit tight, because AE doesn't expect the subcompact ute to arrive until sometime next year.

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