Rumormill: Renault to produce Captur concept as a Clio crossover?

2011 Renault Captur concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

It typically takes months, if not years after a concept car debuts before an automaker confirms whether it will or will not go into production. But in the case of the Renault Captur, it hasn't even been publicly unveiled yet and reports are already surfacing about its production car future.

According to foreign reports, Renault will build the dynamic crossover as part of the next generation of Clio hatchbacks due next year. Of course, certain elements will be lost in translation from show stand to showroom, but we hope the nifty turn signals integrated into the bodywork make the transition. Those wheels are pretty sweet, too.

We'll get our first glimpse at the Captur concept at the Geneva Motor Show next week.


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