Whether you fondly remember your prom or are doing your very best to forget it, something tells us it would have been way better had you arrived in the machine you're about to see in the video after the break. Yes, it's a limo – and what high schooler wouldn't want to get dropped off in a stretched machine – but the real draw is that it's very likely the fastest limo in the lot.

Starting life as a Dodge Challenger SRT8, this blacked-out limo was crafted by LA Custom Coach after four and a half months of bending, stretching and welding. It boasts a completely custom interior done up in a unique black and red scheme along with a 24-inch LED screen and a full bar... but not for those headed to the prom, of course.

Want to procure one for your big day? That might be tricky, as this is said to be the first of its kind. On the upside, though, its owner says it won't be the last. Check out the stretched Challenger SRT limo in the video after the break, but beware the horrid yet somehow appropriate soundtrack.

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