When Ford unveiled the EcoSport Concept at the New Delhi Auto Expo in January, we were smitten. A pint-sized, good-looking CUV with thrifty engines could do well here in the States. Brazil's Noticias Automotivas has caught what looks like a production EcoSport sans camo before it undergoes crash testing and, as promised, it looks little changed from the showcar.

The sparkly LED-powered headlights are gone but everything else seems to be very close to what design boss J Mays told us about in New Delhi. The final version is expected to come with two engine options: the 1.6-liter Sigma and the 2.0 liter Duratec.

Despite Ford's plans to expand the EcoSport beyond Brazil, we're not hopeful it'll be sold in North America, as we've heard Blue Oval executives dismiss the Fiesta-sized CUV as too small. Be sure to check out Noticias Automotivas for additional photos of the new EcoSport.

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