Chrysler has a lot of proof that its Detroit-centric brand ads are a big hit, including the potentially illegal use of the "Imported From Detroit" name. Chrysler and clothing company Pure Detroit have been locked in a legal battle over the use of "Imported From Detroit," but it appears the two sides may be willing to settle out of court.

The Detroit News reports that the parties involved have agreed to a March 27 mediation to settle the dispute. An out-of-court settlement might make sense for Chrysler, since the multi-national automaker is dropping the legal hammer on a local Detroit company that is living the "Imported From Detroit" mantra.

The Pure Detroit team has also hit hard with criticisms that the three vehicles featured in the ads were not built in Detroit, though the 200 is built in nearby Sterling Heights. Still, Chrysler has every right to defend its marketing turf, and the automaker is selling its own merchandise, with proceeds going to charity.

If the two sides cannot agree to settle out of court, a trial reportedly won't take place until August.

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