Every now and again, we get reminded that BMW has been working on all-electric powertrains for decades. In 2009, we put together a gallery of some of the automaker's electric prototypes through the years, like the electric 1602 you see above. In a new video, BMW compacts the work it has done on electromobility since the 1970s into a short video, just over a minute long.

It was a struggle to get the 1602 EV to travel the 26 miles it was required to go in the ceremonies for the 1972 Olympic games in Munich. Powered by lead acid batteries and a 32-kW motor, BMW engineers managed to squeeze the distance out of the pack and the electric car served as a support car in the marathon event. In the new video, we also see moving images of 1993's lightweight E1 concept, which had regenerative brakes and room for four. Fast forward to BMW's Active E program and you can see that the future has got a lot of the past in it.

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