According to Reuters, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has trained its gaze on nearly two million Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable models over a potential stuck throttle issue.

This past Sunday, March 11, NHTSA announced it would investigate 360,000 Taurus sedans from the 2005 and 2006 model years after the government safety regulator received 14 complaints of a stuck throttle due to cruise control cable detachment. A day later, The Detroit News reported that NHTSA has expanded its investigation to include all 2001 through 2006 Taurus and Sable models for a total of 1.92 million vehicles, and in a letter to Ford, said that it has located a total of 30 such complaints.

Reuters says at least one complaint noted that the Taurus' engine can race to 4,000 RPM after the car is shifted into Park or Neutral, and there were further complaints indicating that affected models were difficult to slow. In certain cases, the transmission had to be shifted into Neutral or the engine turned off to stop the car.

Ford is reportedly cooperating with the NHTSA probe and no recall has been announced.

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Ford Taurus

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