Give the people what they want. And when it comes to China, the people – or more accurately, the gilded class – want their rides long. Extra long. And Ruf is all too happy to oblige, stretching a Porsche Panamera S some 400mm; 250mm at the B-pillar and another 150mm at the rear door.

The effect inside is even more luxurious than its standard stablemate, with acres of legroom and a custom quilted upholstery fit for even the most oversized NBA retiree. From the outside, it's... awkward, as most stretches of this variety are.

But the obvious question is obvious: Why buy a Porsche when your confined to the back? Regardless, give your chauffeur a gift this spring by plunking down the $250,000+ Ruf is expected to ask for the Panamera RXL.

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Porsche Panamera

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