DC Plasma is one fast Fiero, watch it set new record for electric doorslammers

When Pontiac first conjured up the mid-engined Fiero back in 1984, its performance was also middling. John Metric has one such 2M4 (2 Seat, Mid-Engined, 4-Cyl) from its introductory year and he's fixed that problem. Dubbed "DC Plasma," his electrified example has just reduced the quarter-mile NEDRA record to 10.677 seconds in the MC/A2 class (Modified Conversion / 301V-348V) while participating in the NEDRA Florida Nationals in Bradenton, FL.

What makes that mark even more impressive is the fact that it included a truly awe-inspiring run of 9.89 seconds at 134 mph while lined up against Shawn Lawless in his awesome "Lemon Juice" Chevy S-10 conversion. Both vehicles boast dual Zilla controllers – the DC Plasma machine feeds current to a NetGain Transwarp 9 coupled to a Warp 9 DC motor, while the Chevy holds no fewer than four refurbished DC motors from General Electric – but on that night, it was clearly the Pontiac that held the edge.

The race meet also yielded a record for another car. Lowell Simmons took Miramar High School's Porsche 944 "Black Pearl" to new heights in the HS/A Class (High School / 241V - 300V), hoisting the official record to 11.319 seconds. Hit the jump for a couple clips of the Metric versus Lawless matchup as well as a bonus clip from last week's EVexpo with footage of the "Black Pearl."

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