President Obama promises to buy a Chevy Volt, after his second term

Remember how we wrote just the other day that the Chevrolet Volt is not President Obama's car. Turns out we were a little premature with that declaration.

Speaking to UAW workers in Detroit today, the President said, "I'll buy [a Volt] and drive it myself" in five years, "when I'm not president anymore" (catch the confidence in his re-election chances there?). Getting on the workers' good sides, Obama said that the Volt proves that the "the American auto industry is back," The Hill reports. He continued:

GM is back on top as the number-one automaker in the world (with its) highest profits in its 100-year history. Chrysler is growing faster in America than any other car company. Ford is investing billions in American plants, American factories – plans to bring thousands of jobs back to America.

Regular readers will remember that Obama has, in fact, driven a Volt before, just not very far. We don't assume that his full-throated approval of the Volt will quell conservative criticism of the president and the car, the kind that frustrates Bob Lutz, but we won't go into that too much right now. We do now wonder, however, what the 2017 Volt will be like.

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