During his stop today at the General Motors' Detroit-Hamtramck facility where the production Chevrolet Volts will soon roll off the line, President Obama did something unusual for a president: he got behind the wheel of a car and went for a drive. It was a short one – just ten feet – but that's what happens when you need not only GM's permission but also the Secret Service's to drive a not-yet-in-production, new-technology Chevy Volt in black. We won't be geting a full-length review from the President, but he did give his initial impression after stepping out: "I'm telling you guys, pretty smooth."

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said after the event that Obama has driven at a Secret Service training facility this past April and also piloted a Dodge Charger at a closed-press event. Other than these two times, Obama hasn't driven since getting Secret Service protection in early 2007.

[Source: ABC | Images: AFP/Getty Images, Jim Watson and AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais]

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