UAW training 100,000 for protests on behalf of the 99%?

According to The Daily Caller, a politically conservative news site (via The Detroit News), the United Auto Workers union is helping to organize a group called The 99% Spring, which describes itself as an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The 99% Spring is a coalition of 43 organizations, but The Daily Caller says the UAW is the "powerhouse" behind the effort that seeks to train 100,000 Americans "for non-violent direct action." While UAW president Bob King has voiced support for the movement, an unknown source told The Detroit News that the UAW is merely a part of the coalition and is not its "mastermind."

Josh Bolotsky, a so-called online organizer listed as a contact for The 99% Spring, told The Daily Caller that "an independent tech issue led to some docs, both public and private, appearing briefly on [the UAW's public-facing web site]," adding that activists at the Movement Strategy Center and the New Organizing Institute were "[t]he chief co-coordinators of the overall project."

Full copies of the documentation obtained by The Daily Caller from the UAW website can be seen after the break... so we suggest you draw your own conclusions.
Uaw 99 Percent Spring Daily Caller

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