Groovy up your bedtime with this VW Bus Bed

As a car-obsessed tot, your author used to snuggle up in his bed, pretending he was taking a long road trip in a Volkswagen camper van. The fantasy went so far as to include a small fan so there would be a constant rhythmic chatter similar to the air-cooled flat-four that helped build the Volkswagen name. While pure imagination capably transformed a twin bed into a Westfalia-trimmed Type II on a nightly basis, a user over at Instructables has gone even further than just dreaming, winding up with a custom-built result that's far more personal than the Step2 Corvette bed that's better suited for fast sleepers.

Instructables user Uptonb created this bunk bed as a housewarming gift for his three-year old nephew, thus sealing his title as an awesome uncle. There are pictures and a SketchUp file over at Instructables, so you can build your very own if you like what you see. You'll be spending about $500 in materials, but the end result will be a bed that's arguably cooler than what's commercially available for more than double that. The bed is up top and the interior of the bus doubles as a playhouse, where little Junior can play like he's headed out to Burning Man with Workingman's Dead on endless repeat in the eight-track player.

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