Corvette Z06 bed upgrades your childhood

We've reported plenty on items we'd like to place in our automotive-themed dream house, from engine-block coffee tables and Pininfarina desks to Aston Martin loveseats and Porsche sofas – but most of them are for the living room. We'd be remised, however, to forget the one part of the house where the fascination all began: our childhood bedroom.

We all had the posters up on the walls, the models on the shelves and maybe the sheets on the bed, but the luckiest kids among us had beds shaped like cars, similar – but probably not as awesome – as this latest release from toy company Step2. Released this week at the New York Toy Fair, it isn't just a bed: it's a whole bedroom set, all modeled on the Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

The set includes a $299 bed capable of holding a toddler's mattress but expandable to accommodate a twin (extending its usability from ages 2 to 10) with optional working headlights for an extra $30, a $110 dresser that looks like dad's tool box, a $65 storage chest and a $40 wheeled storage box to make clean-up time quick. It's all made of molded plastic from one of the biggest in the business, and is sure to make for some very sweet dreams indeed.

If NASCAR is more to your kid's speed, Step2 has got a stock-car bedroom available too, but it's the Vette set that has us (a) wishing we were little again, and (b) second-guessing the grown-up's bed we just ordered for ourselves.

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