At least 6-7 parties bidding on Saab... could BMW be one of them?

On this episode of As the Saab Turns: Bankruptcy administrators have bidders, and one of them might be a German carmaker!

According to a post on Saabs United, "6-7 serious bidders" are trying to snag the remains of Saab. One European company "is German and located in Munich," according to the report, which notes that whatever company wins the Saab deal won't necessarily be the high bidder, but the package that looks the most capable getting Saab back in the car building business.

For its part, Germany's AutoBild suggests that the actual number of interested parties numbers around 14, though it isn't immediately clear how serious all of those parties are, though the Chinese are said to remain in the mix, as is an Indian concern.

It's no secret that BMW plans to expand its product portfolio, including building more fuel-efficient, front-drive cars. Could a joint BMW-Saab ( or Mini-Saab) platform – shades of the Cadillac BLS (albeit hopefully better!) – come out of such a deal? Or will the Swedish bankruptcy court reveal that it has a Chinese mistress, one that's trying to blackmail General Motors? Tune in next week...

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