In a move that can only be described as "What took so long?" Autotelegraaf reports that Cadillac has pulled the plug on its BLS. The BLS, of course, was the front-wheel drive smaller Cadillac that was only offered for sale in Europe. We say "offered" because sales of the BLS made the old Cimarron look like a home run by comparison. The BLS was little more than a re-bodied Saab 9-3 in either sedan or wagon form, and it was built alongside the aformentioned Swede in Trollhättan. Cadillac spokesman Klaus-Peter Martin has confirmed with us that production actually quietly ended in June.

The BLS never came close to hitting GM's 10,000 unit per year sales target and with the parent company divesting itself of Saab, it only makes sense to kill off the model. While dropping the BLS, General Motors is adding its CTS Sportwagon which is expected to help boost CTS sales in estate-happy Europe, as will a 2.9-liter V6 diesel engine option.

Later next year, the lower end of Cadillac's lineup is expected to be filled out with a new rear-wheel drive ATS which will hopefully prove to be a much more viable competitor.


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