Toyota's odd hybrid promotions include "Prius Kingdom" and Monopoly

Chicago 2012: Toyota Hybrid Monopoly
Chicago 2012: Toyota Hybrid Monopoly
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In an effort to spur sales, Toyota seems willing to try just about anything to promote its hybrid lineup. Whether that's a Monopoly-themed booth at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show or a new twist on nature-spotting safaris with the new Prius Kingdom website, the Japanese automaker is certainly letting its promotion teams be creative.

The idea behind the "Kingdom" site is that Priuses are special creatures that have evolved to survive and create a legacy. They're so special, in fact, that we should happily rejoice whenever we see one. The fuel-saving message is present, too, as the voiceover says a one point, "Hurry! It could be many weeks before it drinks again." You can see Toyota's "Kingdom" video after the jump and visit the site here.

Other recent Prius ads include the People Person one, a bit of Harmony and a Vishnu touch. Talk about evolution.

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