Toyota goes creepy with latest Prius People Person commercial

In the latest Prius family commercial by Toyota, actual actors, loads of computer animation and a miniature set all combine to create the illusion of a Godzilla-sized man made of people who steps outside of his house and is shocked to find his Toyota Prius has morphed into four vehicles: a regular Prius, Prius V, Prius C concept and Prius Plug-In. This is the end of Mr. People Person, as he quickly disintegrates, leaving only his size-bazillion shoes and a bunch of little people behind.

Toyota's narrative behind its Prius People Person ad states:
Not long ago, there was one model of Prius for everyone to share. But now that one Prius has become a family: There's one for everyone. There's the original one, the bigger one, the smaller one and the one that plugs in. They're all a little different, just like us.
We'd say the spot makes some sort of conceptual sense, but it's a bit over the top, and creepy to boot. See it for yourself after the jump and let the disintegration begin.

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