Coffee Machine: pack a few more cylinders into your living room

Engine blocks have a thankless job. As long as they're under the hood and working, they're at best taken for granted by most drivers, much like the rest of their cars. If there's something wrong with it and it's got to go into the shop, it's a cursed nuisance. But if it's not even serving its function, it's a forgotten hunk of iron (or aluminum). To a motoring enthusiast, however, the end of an engine block's job doesn't have to mean the end of its life. Engine blocks are enjoying great retirements in the living rooms of petrolheads the world over: sitting under glass, not having to work, and appreciated in all their crude aesthetic glory.

There's nothing new about this trend in automotive mechanical rejuvenation. The coffee table pictured gave new life to an old Rover V8, and it'd go great with the Jaguar cylinder block wine rack we brought you last week. If you're thinking about putting together your own, all it'll take is a little elbow-grease to get it looking its best (especially after a long life of propulsion) and a nice slab of thick glass to place on top. This one apparently has four cylinders repositioned to hold up its glass. We'd recommend a V-configuration, 'cause an inline engine wouldn't make for a very sturdy table. The more cylinders, the merrier, and a prestige brand would be a bonus since it'll naturally become a conversation piece when you have guests over. (The V12 block from Uday Hussein's Ferrari 550 would make the ultimate trophy.)

Some say such an item shouldn't be displayed in your home without shame, but we say if it's your living room, make it yours, cylinder count and all.

(Thanks go out to amp for the tip.)

[Source: Dubspeed Driven]

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