New Chevy Volt ad focuses on "Just The Facts"

Let's see, thus far, we've had aliens, drive thru fast food employees, "Morning in Hamtramck" and that guy who's got to urinate try to sell us the Chevrolet Volt. Now, apparently, it's time for "Just The Facts."

That's the tag for Chevy's latest Volt commercial, which you can watch after the jump, and, well, it's pretty self-explanatory. In 30 seconds, we hear Tim Allen gently tell us that the car is safe, has won a bunch of awards, is safe, its battery has been tested for over 395,000 hours and is safe. We can see that, after trying all those other routes, Chevy's advertising team figures the straightforward sell is the way to go, but did they really have to end the commercial with "Hard to argue with the facts"? Don't they know that some people can argue about anything and everything to do with the Volt?

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